Ahupe Ghat

Trekking days are a huge boost to oneself. While searching for good treks, one of my friend suggested Ahupe Ghat trek. One of the attraction to do this trek for anyone is it’s completely easy, safe and well marked route till the top.


Ahupe Ghat is located in between Ahupe village in the Ghat area and Khopivali in the Konkan region.

This is a perfect place for a single day trek. The range of difficulty is easy to moderate.

Road trip towards Khopivali

Recommended highly for bike riders, this scenic route provides eye-catching sight all around. For our trip, we took our own cars and nevertheless the travel was amazing.

Base village & ascending trail

From the base village, Khopivali, one can witness Gorakhgad fort and many other mountains.

Initial trail is so easy. One has to cross couple of waterfalls during the first 30 minutes of the trek. Need to say, in monsoons, these paths will be very much slippery and can be dangerous.

Only thing to be taken care of is trekkers should look for route markings. During the initial half an hour, there are chances that one will get stuck with the proper route. Always look for markings made by previous trekkers on rocks.

Once the proper steep start, there will be only one clear route till the top of the mountain.

If you’re going after monsoon or in summer, take lots of water with you. Else this will become a trip to forget about.

For beginners, it’ll take 2-3 hours to reach the top of the mountain.

At the top: Mesmerizing view

It’s very rare that during treks these days, only our group were there at the top of the mountain. And that was the best thing!!


0700 AM: Started from Navi Mumbai (Kharghar)

0930 AM: Reached Khopivali, the base village

1330 PM: Reached top of Ahupe Ghat

1530 PM: Commenced descending

1800 PM: Back to base village

Published by: A head full of dreams

A few words about me. I'm a Naval Architect professionally. Love to travel a lot, specifically offbeat trips. This blog is heavily related to my travel and trekking experience. To all readers, thanks for visiting my blog. Your comments are always welcome, be it positive or negative. Enjoy!!


2 thoughts on “Ahupe Ghat”

  1. The fact that Ahupe Ghat has been now marked at intervals is a revelation to me! Back when I did Gorakhgad in ’15, Ahupe Ghat was still a puzzle to be solved to reach the top and that had somehow kept me from attempting it all these years because without a private vehicle of our own, finding a ride back can be a problem if it gets late. But no more!
    Ahupe Ghat, here I come! 😀
    Cheers & Keep trekking!


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