Ganpati gadad: A trek to the mighty mountain caves

Have you ever seen a range of caves in the middle of a mountain?

Do you wished to hike with your friends on a cold and foggy monsoon day just to stay away from all those hectic city life?

If you’re interested in the above two, Ganpati gadad is a perfect place to spend your weekend. This trek can be completed in a day and is heavily recommended for beginners.

Ganpati gadad is a group of 6 to 7 caves located in the Malshej Dasai range. This splendid trek, which is in Murbad district of Maharashtra, offers amazing scenics in monsoons. The amount of trek goers from Mumbai and Pune are going up rapidly, thus you’ll have to find out places which are far from both cities and not so famous.

The distance from Mumbai to the base village Sonovale is Approximately 110 kilometres.

I would recommend this route to bike riders too as it’ll offer a memorable ride. Camping during monsoons are not allowed unless you have a written approval from the Honorable Collector which is very unlikely.


It’s highly recommended to start from Mumbai as earlier as possible in the morning. 0530 hrs is perfect. If traffic doesn’t affect you much, one can reach the base before 0900 hrs.

The climb will almost take 3 hrs, depends on your speed. Be careful of the slippery patches at some places during the climb.

From my experience, this trek is an easy one, except the last thirty minutes of the trail. Adding to that, don’t forget to take a refreshing dip in the waterfalls.

I would say Ganpati gadad is a perfect getaway from all those noisy city life. Just go, relax, and enjoy the alluring scenic route.


(Trek group: Parvat Buddies. Parvat Buddies – Home | Facebook › ParvatBuddies

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