Over the hills and far away: Vasota Trek

Trek to Vasota fort is considered one of the finest in Sahyadris. Located in Bamnoli region of Satara district of Maharashtra, Vasota jungle trek offers mystic views of three rivers (Koyna, Sloshi and Kandhati rivers), dense forests and many mountains around it.

History of Vasota fort

A fort which always remained with Marathas, attributes of Vasota fort is historically related to Raja Nandgopal of Panhala routing back to 12th century A.D. Later Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj named the fort “Vyaghragad”. “Vyaghra” means Tiger

Another reason for its fame is the spectacular views during the journey from Bamnoli to Vasota base and obviously the ferry sail. Zig zag road from Bamnoli to Vasota base through the jungle offers an adventure ride.

It’s an ideal spot for camping and one will get amazed by the beauty of surroundings. Tents are provided by the Boat Club at the Vasota base. It’s recommended to book at least before a week if camping is planned.

The trek was organised by smallsteps adventures.


17th March, 2018, 2300 hrs: Began the journey towards Vasota base from Dadar

18th March, 2018, 0800 hrs: Reached Vasota base

0945 hrs: Started the trek

1300 hrs: At the top of Vasota fort

1400 hrs: Started descending

1600 hrs: Back to base village, completed the trek.

Our team reached the Vasota base village around 0800 hrs in the morning. It took about 8 hours travel from Mumbai. After having breakfast we headed towards the ferry station which is nearby the hotel.

Sailing time..

It’ll take 90 minutes to reach the trek starting point via Ferry. We could experience the stupendous views of forests and mountains throughout the sail. As there were 18 trekkers altogether, we hired two ferries. Adding on to that, the Captains of these ferries will accompany you till the top.

Trek begins..

The trek level of difficulty ranges from easy to medium but it depends on the temperature and season. One should carry enough quantity of water especially if you’re doing this trek in summer. More than 70% of the trail is through dense jungle. We could see the placards of different species en route. It would have been really dangerous if we came across any one of them, luckily we didn’t.

At the midway, we could see remnants of a Hanuman temple.

At the Summit, Vasota fort

At around 1300 hrs, after three hours of trekking, we reached the summit. The view from top, as expected, was mind blowing. Our local guides explained about the history of the fort.

The remains of Shree Mahadev temple could be seen at the top. Also once we move toward the East side of the fort, could see the Old Vasota fort.

Overall the experience was splendid. The ferry sailing offers an added charisma to this beautiful trek. Thanks to smallsteps adventures for a well organised trek.

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