Bhairavgad trek: A thriller!

The trek to Bhairavgad fort is considered one of the thrilling climb in Maharashtra. Located in Malshej ghat region, this trek offers a real test to endurance and stamina. The fort is believed to be 2500 years old and has a unique shape when compared to other forts in this region.

Approximate height of the fort: 1145 meters


3rd March, 2230 hrs: Assembled at Kalyan station.

4th March,

0200 hrs: arrived at Moroshi base

0600 hrs: Started trek

1100 hrs: completed ascent

1600 hrs: descent completed

Bhairavgad trek was organised by smallsteps adventures on March 4th, 2017.

Itenary was planned to meet up at Kalyan railway station around 2230 hrs on 3rd March. From Kalyan, a tempo traveler was arranged till the base of Bhairavgad, at Moroshi.

As the trek needs lot of technical supports for rock climbing and rappelling. smallsteps adventures arranged a technical team for it. We reached the Moroshi base around early morning 2’o clock.

Wake up call & start trekking

By 0600 hrs, after completion of breakfast, we started the trek. The group consisted of 18 trekkers.

The first two climbing were easygoing but hills were a bit steep. We got enough time to rest on the plateaus. Everyone carried minimum of three litres of water to keep body hydrated.

The climb after the second plateau was steep and this leads to base of Bhairavgad rock patch.

There is a water tank situated at the base of the rock patch and it’s drinkable.

One has to be extremely careful while climbing the final rock patch of Bhairavgad because the path is very narrow and the supports are very less. One wrong step will put your life in trouble. That’s exactly the purpose of technical teams in treks. They started rigging ropes from bottom to top of rock patch for safety purposes. Also one has to wear safety belts with a hook, that connects with ropes.

This procedure had to be followed throughout the climb. It took around one hour to reach top of the fort. The sun was hitting straight when we reached at the top. There were water tanks at the top also but it was empty. We rested for half an hour in the shade and started descending.

While descending, we rappelled for a height of 50 feet. That was one of the best part of this trek.

By 1600 hours, we reached the base and the trek was successfully completed.

Thanks to smallsteps adventures for making this trek memorable.

One could visit smallsteps adventures website to check out on their events: Smallsteps adventures


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