A walk through the Kanheri caves

Kanheri caves are located on the western outskirts of Mumbai (Maharashtra, India). One should visit here at least once especially if you are curious about the Buddhist influence in art and culture of India.


How to reach Kanheri caves?

It’ll take 7 kilometres from Borivali station to reach Kanheri caves. Bus transportation is available every one hour. Visitors have to pay entry fee and it’s not so expensive.

I would suggest to enter here early morning. Instead of utilizing the bus service, it’s joyful to walk from the entrance gate till the cave. The reason being the magnificent sceneries around the place. The road is covered by trees on either sides.

The caves are located within the forests of the Sanjay Gandhi National park. While walking, you could see many deer, monkeys and so on.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Moreover, one will definitely enjoy beauty of nature here.

One can take enough rest and eat street foods when you feel hungry.

After three to fours hours of walking, you’ll reach entrance of Kanheri caves.

History of Kanheri caves 

Let’s look into some important details about these caves. Built in between the first century BCE to the 10th century CE, one hundred and nine caves have been carved from the basalt. It’s interesting that each cave has a stone plinth for a bed.

A congregation hall with huge stone pillars contains the stupa, a Buddhist shrine.

Once the caves were converted to permanent monasteries, the rock was carved with intricate reliefs of Buddha and the Bodhisattvas.

Kanheri had become an important Buddhist settlement on the Konkan coast by the 3rd century CE.

Nearly 51 legible inscriptions and 26 epigraphs are found at Kanheri, which include the inscriptions in Brahmi, Devanagari and 3 Pahlavi.

To explore all these spots, it’ll take up to five hours.

That’s it. A day well spent at the Kanheri caves.

Thanks for reading.

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