Bicycle Diaries..

It’s been four months since I bought my Firefox road runner pro D. I was searching for some cycling group to join them since then. But due to hectic office schedule, I found it very difficult to continue even regular cycling.

Everything will take time and in my case it’s been proven already. Only thing is that we need to wait for that perfect time. Luckily my wait was over. I found one cycling group named “Powai pedals”. I go to say thanks to Ms. Disha Shrivastava for adding me to their whatsapp group, exclusively for cycling.

Build up to the race!

This is my bike. Firefox road runner pro D.

March 13th- Race day

I started from home around 0530 AM in the morning. The meeting point was nearby my home, around one kilometre. At around six, almost everyone reached. There were fifteen riders. I interacted with everyone as most of them were regular riders. Most of the bikes were either Firefox or BTWIN.


The route was planned from Powai to Airoli and return. Total estimated distance was around 48 kilometres. Not so bad for a beginner. Below map shows the detailed route.

Map 1
At sharp six, we started the journey. As the switching of the gears were important, I started slowly in order to learn the stuff. Actually it’s a combination of 3×7 gearing, front and rear. Total of 21 combinations were possible with my bike. The shifting depends on the inclination of the road. We have to use different combinations for ascending and descending, and for normal road with zero slope. But as the ride started I got the flow for perfect gear change. I used 2nd for front and 5th for rear. It required lot of efforts to chase the fellow riders as most of them were regulars. I was behind most of the times.

I carried my DSLR camera for the photo shoot. Riding through the highways was a different experience. It was partly adventurous as during morning times the vehicles, which were mostly heavy ones, were running very fast. We must be extremely careful while taking sudden deviations from the normal path.

Pit stop for Photo shoot!

When we reached halfway, ourselves started taking snaps. Around 0800AM we reached Airoli. Mr. Elan was the photographer. The snaps were really nice.

Powai pedals group photo

We had our breakfast from a famous Misal Pav centre (Uphar Grah near thane Zilla Parishad office). And it was delicious to have food after two hours of continuous ride.

We returned back from there after having breakfast. Reached back home safely around 0930AM.

I wanted to thank all the riders of Powai pedals group. It was an amazing ride. I hope to continue this every week.


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