My favourite goal of Steven Gerrard!

When it comes to inspiration, the first thing that comes to my mind is the name of Steven Gerrard. There is no need to introduce this gentleman.

Back in 2004, when he scored this goal against Olympiacos at Anfield, that was the time i started following English football closely. That was last group stage match of UEFA Champions league 2004-05 season. Liverpool needed a victory in that match. Steven was suffering from foot injury and this was his comeback game. How awesome will be to score a late goal in front of his home crowd. This guy is incredible. How did he do that? I think you got to watch the goal with commentary.


It was my dream during that time to watch him live playing at Anfield. Unfortunately it never happened. And now retired from Liverpool FC, the dream got vanished.

Miracle of Istanbul

Liverpool reached Finals of 2004-05 UEFA champions league under the leadership of Stevie. They were clear underdogs against opponents AC Milan before the final. The day i realized the worth of Captaincy. A great Captain can inspire the team more than the Manager. I’m wondering what had Stevie addressed to his teammates during game’s half time, when Liverpool were trailing by 3 goals to nil. That too against AC Milan, one of the best football club with worldwide superstars like Crespo, Kaka, Maldini, Cafu, Dida, Gattuso, Inzagi, Schevchenko, Nesta and Pirlo.

Seeing was believing. The travelling Liverpool fans stayed there singing “You’ll never walk alone” loudly after the first half ended. Miracles rarely happen. That too in a final match where big shots AC Milan was leading by 3 goals. They can either defend the game or can score more goals. I was lucky to watch live, the second half, which turned out to be one of the finest moments in Football history. Liverpool came back, netting 3 goals in a span of 6 minutes. As usual Gerrard initiated the comeback with his header goal.


Still remember commentators of the game, Andy gray and Rob hawthorne. They added fuel for television viewers like me watching the game live. Rob was shouting when the one sided game turned upside down, “Miracles are possible”.




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