So for a trek beginner, if you happen to read something like, “if you haven’t done AMK fort then you haven’t finished trekking”, this makes anyone insane. Damn! What is this AMK? The moment I saw this post, I started exploring about the fort details.


Apparently for any tiny detail, Wikipedia is handy. Gone through every word by word. It went like this:


(Alang Fort (also Alangad) is a fort in Nashik district, Maharashtra, India. It is one of the three forts, the others being Madangad and Kulang, in the Kalsubai range of the Western Ghats. They are the most difficult to reach forts in Nasik District. A dense forest cover make these treks difficult. These three forts are a little neglected due to very heavy rains in the area and a difficult confusing path to the forts.) – Source: Wiki


Taking the difficulty level into account, myself started physical activities like cycling, long walks, meditation etc. To complete this trek was once my dream, now i will have to work harder to make it happen. If you want to convert your dream to reality, you got to be prepared mentally and physically. I had completed successfully 7 treks so far. But all those treks were either easy or medium type.


After some weeks, when I realised that it’s time to look for some professional trekking groups for this dangerous trek. I came to know about “small steps group” from one of my colleagues. I joined their Facebook group and finally got the co-ordinators phone number. His name is Sagar and he added me to their WhatsApp group too. A group in which majority are hard-core trekkers, which was what we really need to accomplish the toughest trek in Sahyadris.


Days passed by. Finally the most important day had arrived.


The plan was to catch local train from Ghatkopar to Kasara station. Left home around 0930 pm to catch the train. Excitement was at its peak. Meeting new people for the mission AMK. Luckily by the help of WhatsApp group chat I got into the same compartment of my fellow trekkers.

11th December, 2015: Mission on!!!


The total team strength was 27 . Around 0130 AM, we reached Kasara station. From Kasara, we had to travel to base village, which is one and a half hours away. Jeep was waiting at the Kasara station to pick us. Interacting with fellow trekkers about their previous trek experience thrilled me. I familiarised with everyone during the Jeep journey. Team work is an important factor in trekking. I knew this from my previous trek experiences.


Base village @ 0245 AM!!

It was a chilling morning. Realized that I made one big mistake by not taking bedsheets. No worries passion drives me on. Will suffer anything to achieve my target.


0630 AM: Mission Alang fort starts!!

We started off to Alang fort. Initial routes were pretty normal one.


After one hour ascending, we rested for half an hour. Sun was hitting straight. Forgot to mention before, I took 2 bottles of Redbull and 3 bottles of water. Later I realised it wasn’t enough. As usual people started taking pictures. Me too!!



The view from there was awesome. Forts everywhere. And greenery too. God has created mighty wonders all around. Wished I could do Zip lining from there to down. The journey continues…



First real test- Rock climbing without ropes!!

So when I see something adventurous like rock climbing I will give a try. Same happened here. I started climbing rock like a pro. Never realised my limits that I’m fat and never really did more than two pull ups at a time. I climbed halfway following my fellow trek mate. Damn later I realised that there was another route. No need to climb the rock patch completely. Legs started shivering. Don’t really know what has to be done. We both were stuck at the middle of the patch. Dude started yelling “omg! What to do??” I asked him whether he did any rock climbing before. Oh Damn no! What a mistake we both did. Finally the main man Sagar came for our rescue. After that I never followed anyone blindly.




Take rest!! Heaven is waiting


Rest, took snaps and so on



Before reaching the top of the fort we found many awesome location for snaps. I didn’t want to miss any moments from this trek. Took pictures randomly.



The view of Alang fort was mind blowing


Lunch time @ 0230 PM!!





Meet Mr. Manoj: Ultimate trekker!!


Coolest guy I had met during the trek. He is from Pune. Came here to conquer AMK. Trekking experience for more than 4 years. I always like to take lessons from seniors. One thing he told while starting the trek “It is not the grip of your shoes, the steps you are taking determines your success in any trek”. Also he told me that if have done this trek can proudly say that you are a pro! Damn it. Some motivation energises us like anything. This guy was like a messenger who knows everything. He helped everyone to complete the Mission.



Descending from Alang to Madan!!

Unexpected things happens during all treks. We must be prepared for anything. Our safety is important just like others. So far no injuries were reported. But our descending got delayed. Another trek group were ascending the rock patch at the same time. So we had to wait. There were 14 people in that group. Me and fellow trek mates waiting for hours, were counting them one by one so that we could know when is that final fellow completes his climbing. So finally he arrived. It put an end to our relentless patience.




Light is fading!!!

When the final guy came out it was already late around 0530 PM. It will be hard to find a proper way once the lights get faded.




Its Rappelling time!!


To me it was first time doing Rappelling. Heard about it. But for everything there will be a first time. Learning is a continual process.



Meet Rashmy Singh. She is a pro trekker. She guided everyone how to do a proper rappelling. Thanks to her. I reached down safely.



Sleeping inside Cave!!


First time in life, I spent Saturday night in a cave. It was an amazing experience. Actually I needed some time alone. To think about myself. To tick away dull moments of my life. So this was the best time to think and solve everything. One important thing I gained from the trek was patience. I feel much difference in my patience after completing the trek. A lot of positive energy was also one of the outcome. Like everyone I was also tired. Long steep walking and climbing made me sleep early. In the cave there was another trekking group. So it was fully packed.


Sunrise live at the top of mountain!!


One of the best thing I ever saw in my entire life after waking up was the sunrise Sunday morning. What a blistering start to a day!

Localites who were guiding us prepared morning tea. I will have to mention one woman here. Khushboo. She was with other trekking group. I was taking photos of mountain. At one moment she came towards me. Introduced herself. She is a photographer and a pro trekker. She clarified many of my unsolved doubts about photography.


Mission Madan starts!


We started off early in the morning. By this time everyone was used to the flow of trek. So same routine tasks followed by. Took snaps, blasted comedies and so on.


After hours of steep walking, finally highest rock climbing of this trek has arrived. It’s only after this rock climbing we will reach at the top. Need some energy now for me. Answer to this was inside my bag. Took the Redbull out. I have an atrocious history with redbull. I was addicted to this energy drink two years ago. I suffered from Insomnia for many days. Anyway that was due to over use.


Thumbs down to Kalsubai peak!!

My previous hardest trek was to Kalsubai peak. So I decided to take one photo where will be putting a thumbs down towards kalsubai peak. The idea was suggested by Manoj.


Sorry no offence to kalsubai trek!!

God has created wonders with rock. Thank God!!












At the Top: Mission accomplished!!!

This journey was like finding a way to tackle all the obstacles in life to reach the target. And I did it. Only thing that came to my mind after conquering the Peak was, the same mental approach I must use in my life too. Why I am worried too much about my past problems? If I could reach the top of Sahyadri, then why couldn’t I solve my life problems?? Such was the energy obtained after the trek. For some reason this became my favourite photo of the trek.




{P.S: This picture inspires me every single day}




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A few words about me. I'm a Naval Architect professionally. Love to travel a lot, specifically offbeat trips. This blog is heavily related to my travel and trekking experience. To all readers, thanks for visiting my blog. Your comments are always welcome, be it positive or negative. Enjoy!!



  1. Motivational maan.. Gonna pen down my trips also and in my notes will agree with you on one fact from this “it will teach you to be patient and calm” ..


  2. Congrats Bro. Kya Baat hai Superb work Dude. You have inspired me to getting to trek will surely be doing a treks from now on. Lets get Fitter,Tuffer, Stronger and Better.
    Cheers Nikhil Raman

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Niks,

    Happy to have come across your tempting blog. An eye opener towards trekking expeditions and locations that too not far off. Literally worth investing time going through your simple yet effective description on the trek. Once again thanks a ton. Wish you all the best for future ventures and heights scaled.

    Liked by 1 person

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